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Al’s Auto Parts, located at 4339 Old Lincoln Hwy, Feasterville-Trevose, PA 19053, is a family-owned and operated salvage yard and auto parts store. This establishment has been serving the local community for decades, providing high-quality used, new, and rebuilt auto parts at affordable prices.

The longevity of other junkyards in Pennsylvania suggests that businesses like Al’s Auto Parts have been operating for several decades, deeply rooted in the local community.

Services Provided

Al’s Auto Parts offers a wide range of services catering to the needs of automotive enthusiasts and DIY mechanics. The following table summarizes the key services they provide:

Service Description
Auto Parts Al’s Auto Parts offers a comprehensive selection of auto parts for various vehicle makes and models. Customers can purchase parts through their toll-free number (888–396–2199) or local number (215–322–2199). They also have a Skype account (alsautosales) for communication.
Rebuildables For those in need of rebuildable parts, Al’s Auto Parts has a dedicated toll-free number (888–355–8855) for ordering these components.
Used Auto Parts and Salvage Yard As a full-service auto salvage yard near me, Al’s Auto Parts offers high-quality used auto parts at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Customers can choose between self-service (pulling their own parts) or full-service (parts pulled and ready for pickup).
Junk Car Removal Al’s Auto Parts provides a free pickup service for junk cars, which can be arranged by calling their toll-free number (855–497–1176).
Cash for Junk Cars Customers looking to sell their junk cars can do so at Al’s Auto Parts, where they will receive cash for their vehicles.

With their comprehensive services, Al’s Auto Parts caters to a wide range of automotive needs, making it a one-stop shop for car enthusiasts and DIY mechanics alike.

Al's Auto Parts & Service at 4339 Old Lincoln Hwy, Trevose, PA 19053

Vehicle Types

Al’s Auto Parts specializes in rebuildable vehicles, including cars, trucks, and minivans. They offer a full line of used parts and rebuild engines and transmissions. Additionally, they sell vehicles “AS IS, WHERE IS” with all faults, providing customers with a transparent and honest shopping experience.

Popular Auto Parts

While Al’s Auto Parts deals in a wide variety of auto parts, some of the most commonly purchased items are:

  1. Engines: Al’s Auto Parts sells and installs replacement engines, indicating a high demand for these components.
  2. Transmissions: Similar to engines, transmissions are also sold and installed, catering to the needs of customers seeking to replace or repair their vehicle’s transmission.
  3. Rebuilt Vehicle Parts: As a company that rebuilds vehicles, Al’s Auto Parts likely stocks and sells a variety of rebuilt parts, including major components like engines, transmissions, and other critical parts.
  4. Used Parts: For older or classic vehicles, Al’s Auto Parts offers used parts, which are often sought after when new parts are unavailable or too expensive.

Service Area

Located in Trevose, PA, Al’s Auto Parts serves customers from various surrounding areas, including:

  • Croydon, PA
  • Willow Grove, PA
  • Bristol, PA
  • Horsham, PA
  • Willingboro, NJ
  • Cinnaminson, NJ
  • Pennsauken, NJ

Interchange System

Al’s Auto Parts offers a comprehensive auto parts interchange system to assist customers in finding compatible parts for their vehicles. They provide the following services:

  1. Used, New, and Rebuilt Parts: Customers can find used, new, and rebuilt parts for their vehicles, ensuring they have access to a wide range of options.
  2. Rebuildables Inventory: Al’s Auto Parts maintains a large inventory of rebuildable parts, allowing customers to find compatible components that can be rebuilt or refurbished to meet their specific needs.
  3. Service Department: The knowledgeable service department at Al’s Auto Parts can provide expert advice on part compatibility, ensuring customers select the right parts for their vehicles.
  4. Contact Information: Customers can contact Al’s Auto Parts through their contact page or by phone to inquire about specific parts or services, facilitating effective communication and part selection.

Warranty Information

Al’s Auto Parts offers a used parts warranty for their customers. While the specifics of the warranty duration, extended warranty options, and costs are not explicitly stated in the provided sources, customers can find detailed information by visiting the Al’s Auto Parts website or contacting their service department directly.

Entry Fee

According to the available sources, there is no mention of an entry fee to visit 4339 Old Lincoln Hwy, Trevose, PA 19053, where Al’s Auto Parts is located.

Tools and Equipment Needed for Self-Service

Customers visiting Al’s Auto Parts for self-service part removal from junk cars should be equipped with the following tools:

  • Wrenches (various sizes)
  • Socket set
  • Pliers (needle-nose and regular)
  • Cutting tools (wire cutters, bolt cutters, reciprocating saw)
  • Pry bars
  • Safety gear (gloves, safety glasses, dust mask)
  • Lifting equipment (jack or jack stands)
  • Measuring tools (measuring tape, calipers, ruler)
  • Torque wrench
  • Flashlight

Please note that certain tools like torches, grinders, jacks, and lead acid batteries are typically not allowed in the yard for safety reasons.

Cash for Junk Cars

While Al’s Auto Parts focuses on purchasing salvage vehicles directly from insurance companies and other sources, there is no indication from the provided sources that they buy vehicles from the general public or offer cash for junk cars.

Common Questions

Here are some common questions people ask about Al’s Auto Parts and similar salvage yards, along with detailed answers:

  1. What kind of parts do they sell?
    Al’s Auto Parts sells a variety of parts, including used, new, and rebuilt parts. They also offer engine and transmission sales and installation services, as well as vehicle rebuilding services with a large inventory of rebuildable parts.
  2. Do they offer any services?
    Yes, Al’s Auto Parts provides various services, including selling and installing engines and transmissions, rebuilding vehicles, and offering a service department equipped to handle a range of automotive needs.
  3. What is the contact information?
    The contact information for Al’s Auto Parts is:
  4. Phone: (215) 322–2199
  5. Parts: 888–396–2199
  6. Rebuildables: 888–355–8855
  7. Email: [email protected]
  8. Address: 4339 Old Lincoln Hwy, Feasterville-Trevose, PA 19053
  9. Are they a family-owned business?
    Yes, Al’s Auto Parts is a family-owned and operated business, ensuring a personal touch and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  10. Do they accept credit cards?
    Yes, Al’s Auto Parts accepts credit cards for transactions.
  11. What are their hours of operation?
    The hours of operation for Al’s Auto Parts are not explicitly mentioned in the provided sources. However, it is recommended to contact them directly for specific hours of operation, as junkyards and auto parts stores typically operate during regular business hours.
  12. Do they provide any additional services?
    In addition to their core services, Al’s Auto Parts offers vehicle rebuilding and the sale of rebuilt titles, as well as a comprehensive inventory of rebuildable parts available for purchase.

By providing valuable information about Al’s Auto Parts, including its services, popular parts, contact information, and common questions, this guide aims to assist potential customers in making informed decisions and ensuring a seamless experience when visiting this salvage yard and auto parts store.

Al's Auto Parts & Service, located at 4339 Old Lincoln Hwy in Trevose, PA 19053, is the leading name when it comes to auto parts and service needs. Our family-owned business offers a wide range of car parts and services that are sure to meet your needs and expectations. From junkyards to salvage yards to scrap metal dealers, we have all of the resources you need for any type of project or repair. We also offer a great selection of used auto parts for sale in our shop. So if you're looking for quality, reliable parts at an affordable price, come check us out!

Our knowledgeable staff has over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry and can help you find exactly what you're looking for. We take pride in providing honest advice and top-notch customer service on every job we do. We strive to go above and beyond the industry standard by offering personalized attention to detail that ensures satisfaction with every single purchase. We use only high-quality materials so that our customers can trust their vehicles are being taken care of properly. Plus, all work is guaranteed as part of our commitment to exceptional customer support.

No matter what kind of automobile part or service you require, Al’s Auto Parts & Service will be there every step of the way! Whether it’s an engine replacement or a minor repair job, our dedicated team will make sure your vehicle is running smoothly again in no time at all. Come on down today and see why Al’s Auto Parts & Service has been trusted by drivers from around Trevose and beyond for more than two decades now!

Real customer testimonials

Jose Jimenez

Jose Jimenez

Rated this company 5/5

I had an incredibly great experience with Al's. There phone service was great, perfectly helped identify what transmission I needed, told me when they will be able to take it out and will call me. They kept their word and called me exactly as they said they would and drove to pick up the transmission and was impressed with the overall operation of their facility. I had a great experience with Al's and certainly will return.

William Simmons

William Simmons

Rated this company 1/5

Parts are always damaged and staff will black list you for requesting them to take more care on the next order. 3 years later (today) I called them to order a part and was told that I can not shop there. As if I did something wrong. Image that… 3 yrs ago they sold me 2 parts as a 000 damage code condition payable by check. But they delivered a hood and a door with feet long gauges down to the metal and suddenly required “cash only”. I rejected the parts and so they rejected my business forever is would seem.

I would always suggest shopping here as an absolute last resort if you can. Today I felt insulted enough to share this with the public. I wish only to do business and enjoy my time doing that. These petty grudges only serve to show me that I can not do good business here with them. For myself, there obviously is no reason for me to find parts here so I wont be shopping at Al's junky junk yard ever again.

lawal ettah

lawal ettah

Rated this company 1/5

Unfortunately this lousy secretary is also the manager, which she’s known for blocking people account and putting them on restrictions with no possibilities of correction. She treat customers like they committed a crime. She is inconsiderate, she do not own up to her own mistakes , it’s even worse if you are a person of color. It’s just might be best for the investors and share holders to review her policies and what’s best for the company. I know a few people personally that’s has the same complaints. Just an example how many time have you send down wrong parts and damage parts ? But we work with you and totally understand that things happen. In her world their is no room for correction .

Mark Little

Mark Little

Rated this company 1/5

I called and asked about a part and was like immediately dismissed I didn’t care if I got it or not and you’re any help at all Play sucks always has always will once again it was my last resort

Dog Dog

Dog Dog

Rated this company 5/5

It was very busy and very well organized. Went in to buy a rim, called first, man on the phone told me they had what I was looking for told me how much it was told me who to ask for when I got there all went well

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