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Table of Contents

Search Our Local Junkyards Database


The great city of Houston, Texas, has more than 2 million residents, and this number is still growing. It's the largest city (by population) among all the Southern States (Not just Texas). Census values suggest that over 80% of the people know how to drive or actually own a car. This naturally means that we have a lot of cars and vehicles running on our roads and highways. So, the market for buying and selling used auto parts in Houston, Texas, is a huge industry.

Importance of used auto parts Junkyards

The best thing about used auto part junkyards is that it gives you a practical way to dispose of or buy vehicle parts. So, whether you're someone looking to get rid of that old car or you need a budget component, the salvage or junkyard is an economical choice. Also, vehicles can pose an environmental risk if they're not disposed of in the right manner. Salvage yards give you the opportunity to prevent further harm to the environment by making sure that recycling, reuse, and disposal happens properly.

Salvage/Junkyards buy your used or damaged cars at market rates so that you don't have to worry about disposal. Then, refurbish the working parts for resale or prepare the vehicle for recycling. So, these are great places to find replacement parts for your old vehicles. They remain one of the best sources of used auto parts in Houston, Texas.

We know, now, that salvage/junkyards are an integral part of the auto industry. So, how do we start benefiting from their service? The best way to do this is to know where to find them and how they operate.

The best auto parts junkyards in Houston, Texas

We've compiled the best sources for used auto parts in Houston, Texas in this list. The list is not in any particular order. Each service here gives you general advantages as well as specific services. You should learn more about each yard before going through with your sale or purchase.

1.   LKQ Pick Your Part

The LKQ Pick Your Part is one of the most established yards for used auto parts in Houston, Texas. Located in Hiram Clarke Rd in the southwest, it has a long history of providing excellent parts for its customers. They have over 2300 cars spread over 70 yards from which you can pick your required part. 

You'll typically find parts that are in great working condition but at a fraction of the price.


Since these are used auto parts, the prices are much lower than brand new ones. You save more money, especially when you get multiple parts for replacements. If you have an older model, the LKQ Pick Your Part can be a great place to find auto parts that are no longer available in the market. The car parts can remain usable in the yard even when the car is no longer running.

Self Service

The LKQ Pick Your Part is available as a self-service yard. So, you don't get a mechanic who does the work for you. You have to remove the required part manually, and you install it in your car yourself. This may seem like heavier work, but you save the money you'd spend on extra labor. Since it's a big yard, finding individual parts on your own can be time-consuming. The yard may provide a sales associate who directs you to the correct section of the yard.

Selling your Used Car

LKQ Pick Your Part makes it very convenient for you to sell your car. You have to provide some basic information on your car before you get a price. This information can include the make and model, current condition, damages, etc. Once you clarify these details, you get an idea of how much your call might sell for.

They offer two convenient ways you can get in touch with the service. One is through LKQ's toll-free number (1-800-962-277). The other simpler way is to fill out an online form on the LKQ Pick Your Part website. Once you fill out the online form, LKQ's customer executives get in touch with a fair price for your car. The company will make a final inspection of your car to see that it fits the description. Once cleared, they will pick up the car so that you don't have to worry about delivery.


LKQ Pick Your Part Houston Texas - NorthVille

2.   Pull-A-Part Used Auto Parts

Pull-A-Part is one of the most well-known used auto part services in the region. They have operations that run in 25 cities spread across 12 states. Pull-A-Part, Texas is better known for its stores in Corpus Christi and El Paso. But they have partners for used auto parts in Houston, Texas, that make their services wider and bigger.


Pull-A-Part gives you some of the best prices as far as used auto parts go. The best feature of their prices is that it has a uniform structure. A specific auto part costs the same regardless of make and model. This means a 6-cyl Engine will cost the same, whether it comes from 2012 Mercedes or a 1995 Plymouth.

They also have an online database that presents the pricing differences in their parts. For example, the average price of a radiator with Pull-A-Part comes to about $46.50. On the market, you'd have to dish out up to 90$ for a new radiator. So, if you're lucky, you get great parts at almost half the price.


The Pull-A-Part stores also have a self-service routine where you remove and install the parts yourself. They have a Do-it-Yourself phrase on their tagline that rings true to this routine. They don't maintain an inventory of every tiny part available because they have over 2000 cars in the yard at any given time. Instead, they focus on maintaining a fresh range of new and existing cars in the yard at all times.

But they have a computer-accessed database where you can cross-reference the inventory. So, if you're confused, one of their customer reps can help you look up the auto part that you need. Besides this assistance, you'll do all the manual work yourself. The bright side of this arrangement is that you save money on mechanic fees.

Selling your Junk Car

The Pull-A-Part stores have one of the best car-purchasing policies in the region. They ensure that when you sell your car, it's as convenient as possible. You can either fill up the Pull-A-Part online form or give them a call directly. Once you provide details on the make, model, and condition of the car, you get an instant quote with zero obligations.

If you accept the quote, the Pull-A-Part service will handle all the paperwork and the pick up at absolutely no charge at all. The free car removal is one of the best features because you don't have to spend money on delivery. The Pull-A-Part does not operate directly for used auto parts in Houston, Texas. But they have local partners with whom you can get in touch.



3.   Pick-n-Pull – Self-Service Used Auto Parts

Pick-n-Pull stores are one of the biggest chains of vehicle recyclers in the industry. In the business since 1987, they’ve created a reliable and reputed service over more than three decades in the country. Pick-n-Pull runs their service in 50 locations that are spread across two countries (46 in the US and 4 in Canada). Whether its cars, vans, or light trucks, they deal with all kinds of vehicles in the market. They deal in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts by running over 350,000 cars and over 5 million customers every year.


The pricing structure of Pick-n-Pull allows you to get the best deal for your auto parts. Customer savings can often go beyond 80% depending on time and place. They’re also known for bringing special events and offers when you can get better deals than usual. One of the coolest features of Pick-n-Pull is the 30-day exchange. If the part you pick stops working within the first 30 days of purchase, you get a free exchange. If you’re lucky, you may also get your hands on a part that comes with 12-month warranty coverage.

Self-service (With excellent assistance)

When you search for used auto parts in Houston, Texas, the Pick-n-Pull service may often come up. Although they do not have a base in Houston yet, their superior service is known all over the region. The Pick-n-Pull yards have a self-service system of getting parts. The team provides an easy way to check out what might be available. Check out their online inventory to see which yards have the vehicles that you need. Grab your tools and go to that specific location. You’ll have to pay a nominal fee for entry into the yard. Once in, the staff will provide a mini-map to help you navigate your way around the yard. If you’re not sure about the vehicle models, they can suggest similar models that have the same parts.

You have to remove the auto parts yourself, but you get a lot of helpful features. You’ll get customized supports which lift the car to a safe height. It makes for easier and more convenient removal. Also, you get to use their engine hoists and wheelbarrows without any extra charge.

Selling your Junk Car

If you want to sell off an old/used/junk car, the Pick-n-Pull yard has a simple 4-step process to get it done. First, you have to submit some basic (but required) information about your junk car. This information can include the current condition, damages, make, model, year, etc. You can either fill up their convenient form online or call their service number. Second, you’ll get an offer on the junk car which you can accept or reject. If you accept, you may need to provide other details such as proof of ownership. Once accepted, Pick-n-Pull offers free pickup of your junk car if you’re in their operation zone. You can check out their website's location to see if you fall under the towing zone. If not, you can deliver the junk car to the nearest Pick-n-Pull yard. Finally, you can collect the cash that the yard provides for the car.



4.   Williams Auto Salvage

You can’t talk about used auto parts in Houston, Texas, without mentioning Williams Auto Salvage. Williams Auto Salvage is a used car parts provider that has both heritage and experience. The yard began all the way back in 1949 when Walter F. Williams Jr started it as a salvage business. It was a time when Houston was still growing as a small town, and the automobile industry was also expanding.

Over the next few decades, the salvage yard provided reliable and affordable auto parts to the community. And they developed a penchant for excellent service and unmatched experience. Today, the business is running in its third generation. Matt Williams oversees day-to-day operations. And Luke Williams takes care of a comprehensive inventory that includes auto parts from all over the Houston area.


As the oldest among all the salvage yards in Houston, Williams Auto Salvage understands good deals. They ensure that the auto parts you get are all fairly priced. This means you get a much better deal on your auto-part compared to buying a new component. It allows you to save the extra money on other expenses.

They also offer a 6-month warranty on the auto parts they provide. It gives you the time to settle in on your new part and test whether it works properly. If you return a defective auto part within six months, you get an immediate replacement. If they don’t have an exact match for your part, they offer a complete refund of your money. So, if you want a guaranteed good deal on used auto parts in Houston, Texas, this is the place to go.

Self Service

The Williams Auto Salvage Yard can come under the self-service category because you have to do the assembling yourself. But other than that, they help you in almost every aspect. Finding a part is very straightforward because they immediately locate your required component. They can even reach out to other local salvage yards in Houston to get the part you want. You’ll have access to seasoned salesmen who know his way around the local salvage yard scene.

A useful additional feature is the prompt delivery service. They can deliver your parts to anywhere in the Houston area. But your order has to be at least $200 or above. They also offer shipping all over the country via freight or UPS.

Selling your Junk Car

The Williams Auto Salvage yard may be interested in buying your junk car. But it will depend on the existing condition of your car, its parts, and existing condition. One drawback is that they don’t offer an online route for enquiry on car sales and purchases. If they are willing to buy a junk car, you’ll have to find out by calling them directly or giving the yard a visit. You can drop by the store at 5431 North Shepherd, Houston. Alternatively, you can also get in touch via phone by calling (713) – 691 – 2015.



5.   Mittag Auto Salvage

Mittag Auto Salvage is known for providing some of the best used auto parts in Houston, Texas. Mittag stands out from the competition because they provide both domestic and foreign car parts. They have used auto parts for everything from cars and vans to SUVs and light trucks.

They have a very accessible and accommodating method of operation. For one, they accept all kinds of payments, including Check, Debit, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Amex, etc. The staff speaks both Spanish and Vietnamese in addition to English. Also, they offer a wide selection of parts and a large inventory for every customer who walks in.


Their pricing comes at incredibly competitive rates. Given the market rates for new products, the prices at Mittag Auto Salvage will feel like a steal. The price/cost ranges can vary depending on the nature and type of part you want. The parts vary from engines, lights, truck beds, interior parts, wheels, exterior parts, etc. And each item comes with a price that gives value for money and durability to the customers.

The salvaged parts stay in excellent condition thanks to the maintenance from the yard. So, as you pay a fraction of the price, you know you’re getting full value for your money.


The Mittag Auto Salvage isn’t exactly a self-service yard because you may not manually remove the parts from the vehicles. The parts are already there on the yard's shelves, so you just have to check the availability. In a sense, you can understand it as a partial or full service in terms of part availability. Also, because the parts are already in the shelves, you know they’ve undergone maintenance and clean up. This means that all the auto parts available here will be in relatively good condition.

 If you have to salvage it from a junk car in the yard manually, there’s little guaranteeing on what kind of wear and tear you’ll find. And if the yard does not have exchange policies, you might end up making a bad purchase. With shelved auto parts, you get access to parts that are cleaned and in working order. So, Mittag Auto Salvage has a big plus in that aspect.

Finding used auto parts in Houston, Texas, can be tough if you have an uncommon car. Mittag Auto Salvage has a wide collection of parts from all types of makers.

Selling your used car.

Mittag Auto Salvage also gives out good deals on used and junk cars. If you have an old car that you’d rather not repair further, it’s a good idea to get rid of it as junk and make some money. Mittag Auto Salvage is known to give fair prices for almost any type of vehicle. However, they do have a condition. The manufacturing year for your old car must be 2000 or later.


6.   Houston Auto Recyclers

The Houston Auto Recyclers is easily the most convenient place to get used auto parts in Houston, Texas. It has one of the most customer-friendly and straightforward services in the whole of the Houston area. Most other salvage yards will have a host of paperwork and hassles that you have to go through before any sale or purchase. With the Houston Auto Recyclers, most of the work is done for you. All you have to do is enquire/ask and choose the part you need, and they'll handle everything else.

Located at about 2 miles into Route 249, it's also one of the most accessible destinations for used auto parts in Houston, Texas. With easy service and great accessibility, the Houston Auto Recyclers stands out as a great alternative for used auto parts.


The Houston Auto Recyclers have one of the most versatile pricing structures in the region. Some customers have saved up to 90% in repair costs. You also save money on the additional free features they offer. You get to use a wheelbarrow at no cost. Also, if you want to purchase only the tire, the staff can remove the rim at no cost. They also provide a van if you have to reach the far corners of the salvage yard.

Both self-service and full service

Houston Auto Recyclers offers its customers both self-service and full-service. The full service requires you to just name the part you need and the car you have. The staff takes care of the rest. For self-service, you get access to a big collection of trucks and cars where you can pull what you need. They have a computerized location marker and directions so that you can easily find the parts that you need.

Sell your junk car

Like other services, Houston Auto Recyclers gives two ways to get in touch with the staff. One is through a direct phone call. Here, you can talk to a customer rep and discuss the terms. The other way is to use the online form on their website. You have to enter the year, make, and model of the car you want to sell. Also, you may have to mention some details, such as your name, e-mail, phone number, etc.

Once done, you can receive a quote in no time. There may be some inspection and verification by the team to see if your car matches your specifications. If this stage is cleared, you can get paid on the same day too.

How you can sell a junk car for cash in Texas

Selling a junk car in Texas can be difficult is you are offering it to individuals that need a running vehicle to commute around town. You could find a buyer that is willing to buy your junk car to take parts and repair theirs. This process can be tedious and can take months to achieve since everyone wants to make a vehicle inspection before buying it.

Our junk car buying process can help you get rid of any working or non-working junk vehicle in Texas and get paid in a matter of hours.

Call a reputable company that specializes in buying junk cars, tell them the make, model and year of your junk car, also let them know if the vehicle is complete, missing parts, if the vehicle is crashed, running or not. 

They will then give you an over the phone quote, it is up to you to accept or decline their offer, we encourage you to call multiple companies since they all will offer you different amounts for you vehicle.

Picking up the your vehicle some after the acceptance of the offer, soem companies will charge you for picking up the vehicle or pay you less because of that, ask them if they have any charges for vehicle pickup.

Part of the process includes signing over your car title in Texas. It is very simple to transfer ownership of your junk car when you are selling it, sign your name on the front of the title, there is a section called “signature of Owner or Agent” You also need to sign the back of the title on the section called “Signature of Seller/Agent”, make sure you print your name on the section called “Printed Name”.

Make sure you take pictures or copies of the filled title with the signatures in place, some sketchy car buyers never report the purchase of a vehicle and if something were to happen you could be held responsible for the damages.
Sometimes a vehicle can have multiple owners, so it is imperative that everyone listed in the front of the title signs the transfer to be legit. Make sure you have a lien release letter or a letter from the bank if they are listed in the front of the title.

How you can get a duplicate title for your junk car in Texas

In case you don't have the vehicle's title, getting a replacement title in Texas is very simple if it was originally title in the state.

  • If your vehicle is less than 10 years old, you need to provide an odometer reading along with a filled up application for certified copy of title.
  • Visit any local DMV to deliver the filled application or mail it to
    TxDMV, 1601 Southwest Parkway, Suite A, Wichita Falls, TX 76302
  • You need to pay the $2 mail in fee or if solicited in person a $5.45 by check of money order.

It could take up to 30 days for your duplicate title to arrive.
Here is a list of DMV locations in Texas

Would I be able to Sell an Abandoned Vehicle in Texas?

NO, the law in Texas requires that every vehicle being sold or dispose of have a title. You can NOT sell any vehicle abandoned or not without a legitimate title. In order for an abandoned vehicle to be removed you need to apply for a permit to remove or dispose of an abandoned motor vehicle at a TxDOT office near you. If the TxDOT can communicate with the last title holder within 20 day, they will then issue a Certificate of Authority to a salvage yard to pick up and scrap the vehicle.

How much do companies pay for junk cars in Texas?

There is no predetermined price of a junk car in Texas, there are multiple factors that will leverage the amount you will get paid for a junk car in Texas, this include the make, model, year of the vehicle, what condition the vehicle is, and the current demand for the it's parts. 

Sell your junk car in Texas today and get cash fast!

Selling a non operational car in Texas doesn't mean you are at a total loss, your car or truck is not worthless, you can make money even on just scraps by selling your car to a local junkyard.
Get an instant quote for your vehicle today!

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  • Get an Instant Offer and sell your car fast, it only takes minutes to get an accurate offer.
  • Guaranteed Offer what you are offered is the amount you will be paid, no decreasing on the value of your vehicle.
  • Cash for cars will be paid at the moment we pick up the vehicle, you get paid on the spot!